Share the Adventure in Superhero Comic Book Maker HD

Superhero Comic Book Maker HD

Let your child's imagination run wild in Superhero Comic Book Maker HD, a Duck Duck Moose app that lets them create unique comic strips. The possibilities are virtually endless as this app features over 170 animated stickers, each with its own special sound effect. The app features 27 backgrounds to choose from which is perfect for story telling on the fly. In case those do not quite cut it, young artists can choose to go the extra mile and create story backdrops from scratch, making use of the app's drawing tools. Kids can also narrate their own stories using the app's built-in recording system.

Parents need not worry about inappropriate content as there are no third party advertisements to be found in-game. Though Superhero Comic Book Maker HD does have monsters in its sticker roster, they border on the cute and are not scary at all --think Mike Wazowski from Pixar's Monsters, Inc. None of the superhero animations are violent, with fights depicted using words like "KA-POW!" instead of showing actual contact. Of course, the classic nursery rhyme music is kept in-line with other Duck Duck Moose creations.

Perhaps the most innovative feature here is the app's recording system. A three second timer gives players a signal to begin the narration. Children could move characters around while they talk, even lip sync the characters by simply tapping on them while the voice recording plays. These animated stickers may be dragged in a direction which suits the scene. They may also be enlarged or minimized using pinch and zoom gestures which are surprisingly responsive even for little hands.

Created scenes may be used to complete a comic strip using a simple drag and drop motion to rearrange them in the desired order. Stories can be set anywhere your child chooses thanks to the app's built-in drawing tools. There are 29 colored pencils as well as 29 crayons to choose from. These allow doodles to serve as the background for animated stickers, with near endless possibilities for the backdrop. Photos stored in the device may also be used in place of a hand drawn or pre-existing background which makes Superhero Comic Book Maker HD the perfect app for a family-themed comic strip keepsake.

Superhero Comic Book Maker HD

There are pages, akin to traditional coloring books, which may be personalized with your child's desired palette. There are plenty of colors to choose from, even a rainbow fill that adds multi-color stripes. If that's still too boring for a young artist, he may also utilize a pattern from the app's vast collection. The icons to access these tools are kept at the bottom and sides of the page in order to leave the main artwork clutter-free. The care placed in making these menus child-friendly is plain to see and they effectively bring stories to life using an easy to understand, accessible interface.

Superhero Comic Book Maker HD is pretty much the perfect gift app for your budding artist or director. The sheer number of animated stickers combined with kid-friendly tools will encourage and inspire creativity in any child. The app is even great for parents who like telling stories before bed time as the innovative interface gives little ones a chance to participate in the adventure. Completed comic books may be saved to a device locally, ensuring that your child's creations are easily enjoyed by friends as well.

This award-winning app by Duck Duck Moose is currently out for the iPad. It requires devices to be updated to iOS version 5.0 and is targeted at 3 to 9 year olds.