Be a Park Owner Extraordinaire in Dinorama


Kids are never too young to learn about the value of money. Even though explaining these concepts may prove to be easier said than done, parents can introduce them by using games like Dinorama. Dinorama is a tycoon-style, managing game that allows kids to build their own theme park from scratch. The goal is to earn coins and invest them to improve the park. As a bonus for parents, the game complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. It has neither in-app advertising nor in-app purchases so little ones are sure to get the full Dinorama experience off the bat.

This is a game, first and foremost, and not an instructional app disguised as one, which is pretty refreshing. The concept of managing resources is subtly enforced as kids are encouraged to fill their park with new dinosaurs as well as build additional tourist attractions or facilities. As a park owner, players also get to hire tour guides, adapt to random events such as rainstorms that drive down ticket sales and flat tires which stall valuable visitors. There are also silly features such as visitor flinging scores and fun dinosaur facts.

To make their business thrive, players are tasked to keep park visitors happy as well, dragging them to relevant attractions such as photo booths or popcorn stalls. If they have done things correctly, players earn coins which they can use to purchase more dinosaur pets. Each one can be named and given cute accessories such as top hats and beanies. Children can also opt to save some money for a rainy day, keeping their earnings in the (piggy) bank to earn interest.

Dinosaurs require food to stay healthy and food costs money. That being said, kids will need to pay attention to the needs of their theme park stars in order to keep them happy. Each pet has a health bar, giving players a heads up regarding their current status. Giving treats will make a dinosaur perform cute tricks but it doesn't fill up their bellies. One may choose to ignore these in favor of other investments but turning a blind eye to dinosaur maintenance often leads to runaway park attractions --and lost investments.


Good deeds are rewarded in Dinorama. In exchange for returning lost objects to the correct visitor, players earn stickers. These stickers unlock new items for purchase, giving kids a chance to acquire more pets, purchase habitats or add new facilities to their park. There are no linear goals to meet, leaving players to strategize about which new facilities to build first, all the while juggling the overhead costs of running the park.

Aside from being a cleverly subtle entrepreneurial game for kids, Dinorama is also an entertaining time waster for adults. The graphics are phenomenal, with a wide range of park personalization options and charming little details. Because there are no in-app purchases at all, there's no need to worry about your kid begging you to purchase the latest tail accessories or a super special winged dinosaur. You don't even need to think about micro transaction items that boost game progress. Once you get the app, all of its features are available and in-game currency is earned by actually playing the game. The pace is relaxing enough even for touch screen beginners, with progress saved automatically each time the game is closed.

This game is appropriate for kids 4 years old and above but is recommended for those in the 9 to 11 age bracket. Regardless if you're getting the game for your little one or are in the market for a relaxing tycoon-like time waster for yourself, we highly recommend this fun dinosaur game which can be found at for Android and iOS handheld devices.