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burger shop 2

Players who enjoyed the original Burger Shop will find this sequel is everything the original was plus more. Burger Shop 2 has a whole range of new features that include more levels to play, new characters, new awards, plus exciting twists and turns that will keep players occupied for hours. If you like playing time management games you will love playing Burger Shop 2, while with one hundred and twenty superb levels you will never be bored.

Fans who played the original will remember it ended on a high as you had created an excellent string of burger shops but alas the euphoria was short lived and everything has gone pear shaped leaving your burger empire in tatters. Waking up in a rubbish skip with little memory of what has happened you encounter a strange character who offers to let you buy back your eight shops for one dollar. Yes, one dollar! Of course you accept, who wouldn't? Now you have to go back over your steps to try to find out what went wrong while at the same time rebuild your empire.

burger shop 2: game play

Burger Shop 2 is really funny as it recognises that players will probably think this is a cheap ruse to make them buy another game that is almost identical to the first. It recognises this via the use of tongue in cheek humour that I found really funny but as there are a number of great new features I think we can forgive the creators, so lets get playing!

The format is the same as in the first game where you serve customers with their orders as fast as you can. You have to select the correct ingredients as they pass on the conveyor belt from the Burger Tron 2000. Speed is of the essence as customers won't wait long before they get agitated so leave without paying or tipping you. Earn enough money so you can move onto the next level plus also achieve an "expert" score, its all great fun.

Burger Shop 2 unlike its predecessor serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a whole host of great new meals and recipes. Breakfast as you would imagine deals in bacon, eggs and hash browns along with lots of other delicious options. The same goes for lunch and dinner adding a whole new element to the game.

Upgrading your outlets is an integral part of the game once again. You can buy a bigger array of drinks and snacks to sell in your shops as you move from level to level making for an interesting diversion. Chaining items together to make great recipes will also win you points, you will see what I mean as you play along.

burger shop 2: game play: view 2

Customers come thick and fast, some regulars from the first game plus some quirky new characters that will amuse you. The clown is a real idiot who orders crazy food combinations such as ice cream with mustard on top. I wouldn't want dinner at his place! The lady with her dog is also new and very annoying. Players have to placate the dog or she will leave without paying. I think a NO DOGS ALLOWED notice is required.

Replaying the levels to better your score is okay to do plus the great Challenge mode and Expert mode are available to players who are awarded gold status in their restaurants. Burger Shop 2 has wonderful graphics along with a great audio accompaniment matching Burger Bustle Ellies Organics and making it a superb time management burger feast. Hopefully fans will not have to wait too long for the release of Burger Shop 3 as Burger Shop 2 has been out for some time now.

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