Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 Manages to be as Short as the Original, but Twice as Fun

Sequels are a hard step for most casual or browser games -most simply turn out to be 1.5's instead of full 2's. The point is that with these types of games, a sequel simply means slightly upgraded graphics and more stages to play. This is not the case with Earn to Die 2. The first game was nice, had a great formula; and it was something you can wholeheartedly recommend that other people play. Earn to Die 2 does more than make use of an existing system that has proven to work -it dares to improve, and more importantly, it actually succeeds.

New stages, and better visuals; these are the two tokens of the typical sequel. Earn to Die 2 goes far beyond that. The core gameplay has not been changed, but the main flow (and feel) of the game bring in a whole new playing experience. Earn to Die 2 now showcases multiple locations and a sense of progression as you get from one waypoint to the next. As expected, it starts off with the cliffhanger from the first game (where the player reaches the "relative safety" of the helicopter and flies off with a few undocumented passengers).

The main goal of Earn to Die 2 remains the same: get as far as you can, earn credits, and get even farther. Eventually, you will reach the target distance and proceed with the game. Credits are used to upgrade your vehicles specs and performance. Also, these credits will be used to purchase better cars -which are actually required for you to reach the target destinations. The game limits the distance you can travel not only with obstacles and terrain, but also with limited fuel and boosts per attempt. Fortunately, these consumables are instantly restored each day without any cost to the player.

The controls are as simple as before. Pressing up or W accelerates the vehicle, the left and right buttons (or A and D) controls the pitch of the car -controlling the pitch allows you to stay on the ground longer, and also determine how you land from high jumps. Lastly, spacebar toggles the booster (which will instantly increase your acceleration -though its effectiveness is also dependent on the current position of your car with regards to the terrain).

The graphics, as expected, have been improved greatly. The cars, backgrounds, new garages, and even the various zombie types are nicely detailed. They still maintain the aesthetic flavor of the first game, but with the added attention to line art and use of more thematic textures. The overall visual look is most certainly improved, and even the user interface has been redesigned to be easier to understand (the new dashboard looks so well put together too).

As stated, the game now features stages. While still limited in number, these new locations ensure that playing Earn to Die 2 brings more replay value. It will be hard to get tired since you will not be seeing the same sets of obstacles and slopes the whole time. Also, changing maps is a good way to stay on your toes as you will not be able to predict what will happen next.

The first one was a good game that will be worth anyone's time and curiousity. This sequel is more than that; Earn to Die 2 deserves a must-play recommendation from us and can be compared with bloody driving in Road of the Dead. It does not matter whether you like launch games, or zombie games (or both), or if you just enjoy a good game overall, Earn to Die 2's well composed elements and enjoyable mechanics makes it well worth the short time you will need to finish it.