Earn to Die 3

What Would We Want to See in Earn to Die 3?

If and when Earn to Die 3 comes out, it will definitely be on our list of games to try on that very day. And why is that? This is because the developers have been pretty darn consistent when it comes to creating good browser games worth spending your time on. Earn to Die 1 and 2 have both been great games to play. While there is very little reason to return to the game once you are finished with it. The experience is nothing short of fun and satisfying, and nothing would discourage us from having a little more of that.

Improvements are a staple and an unspoken necessity of sequels. You do not need to address every single issue that has been said about the previous game, but in general, there is always room to improve. For games with major flaws, this creates an “up and down” kind of growth as developers address the weakness of the game. With Earn to Die, that slop has been a smooth upward trend –things worked well with the first and got better with the second. There should be no reason why the next one would not continue the climb.

Of course, we would like to see the developers try to turn this game into something better –something more. A launch game mechanic is fun and has plenty of replay value, but an underlying system where players are able to utilize and target goals they wish to achieve from the main game would create a more persistent game world –and ultimately make the experience immersive and more fun.

Moving around the map is one thing, actually creating a path and direction is another. If players are given a choice about which sites to visit and provide them with varying results depending on their choices, the depth of this game would increase tenfold. Of course, there should be a way for players be able to complete the game by taking all the default choices –which is important as to not alienate the casual fans of the series who are looking for something more straightforward. Having the option to play the game in more depth however, is an invitation that hardcore players would certainly appreciate.

The variety of cars in the first two games has always been limited to three –and there is an obvious hierarchy to the order in which they can be earned and of course, in terms of how they perform. While creating an ungodly number of cars for the game is beyond the point, having additional vehicles to choose from would not be bad at all. There should even be a few cars that you can juggle between back and forth –some will perform better depending on the terrain you will be taking them to.

The controls however, need no changing at all. The accelerate to drive mechanic has worked so well for the first two games –and making it more than that would turn this into an all out driving sim instead of a launch game. The pitch control for the car is also an absolute must-keep for the controls as it allows players to maximize their speed and performance.

There is no doubt that Earn to Die 3 will be a game that we highly anticipate. While it still a basic launch game, the system and premise provides so much room for expansion and improvement. And if the developers ever decide to make the next one as simple as the first two games, it would not be a bad thing at all –it would still be enjoyable and fun to play.