Fancy Pants Adventure 3 Game

Fancy Pants 3 is the third edition of this speedy flash platform game. The game has new characters plus new enemies making it a more than worthy sequel to the previous 2 games. Fancy Pants 3 is humorous, exciting and a real pleasure to play stretching the imagination into another realm.

The main new character in Fancy Pants 3 is his little sister who is called Cutie Pants Girl who is far from cute in this story. What a great name for Fancy's sister! The story this time around involves Cutie who has become queen of the pirates while the kings bath tub has been stolen, by yes you guessed it, pirates, oh no! He will come across all kinds of characters as he tries to fulfil his destiny such as pirates and ninjas, it's all very exciting.

New enemies in Fancy Pants 3 include Frogs, Angry Ducks, Bats plus Cutie Pants has a pet kitten called Kabootle. You still have to collect squiggles to gain life while jumping, rolling and generally somersaulting around the place plus sliding and diving have been introduced as the water theme is an integral part of this game.

Fancy Pants 3 is certainly action packed with great puzzles to solve plus incredible Boss fights at the end of each level men it is short of nothing in terms of game play fun. There is an excellent tutorial at the start of the game that leads you through instructions on how to play while it helps in terms of practising your skills. You will practice how to open doors, climb plus jump over walls as well as sliding into opponents.

I like the graphics in Fancy Pants 3 they are really colourful plus the definition of the characters is very good. Fancy Pants is of course as wonderful as ever with his spiky hair do and colourful baggy pants he is unique. I also liked the ninjas who are new this time around. They jump out to attack although they are beatable which is good. Musically the soundtrack is great. Each level has it's own music that is suited to the storyline while its bright bouncy upbeat nature fits perfectly.

Summing up basically if you loved playing the first two editions you will love this third entry. It is generally more of the same with added extras plus a more involved story theme. The introduction of water brings a few more moves not required on dry land which is nice while Fancy Pants himself remains everything we love about him. Fans won't want to miss Fancy Pants 3 so come on “Be Fancy”.