Kick the Boss 2 Online

Lets You Be Creatively Destructive

We do not condone physical acts of violence. But virtual ones are right on the money with us. Kick the Boss 2 is your standard whack-em game with an added bonus of having a pretty decent gameplay that provides a sense of growth and accomplishment. Whether you are looking for a simple game to alleviate some stress in the office or you want something a little more fulfilling, then you just might want to turn to your smartphone and Kick the Boss!

The concept of bashing the living daylights out of an animated virtual character has been done over and over again –allowing people to virtually relieve themselves of bad thoughts and feelings without causing anyone in real life actual harm. To turn the concept into a dedicated app game however, requires some clever gameplay: and that is exactly what Kick the Boss offers. In this game, you can choose to spend your time doing all sorts of virtual harm to your target. Or, you can do exactly that while aiming to reach in-game objectives.

Why Play It?

Of course, the big question is, what is the point of this game? Primarily, a game like this serves as a way for players to express themselves in the most wholesome interpretations of what would otherwise be physical manifestations of violence. It has been known that pent up frustrations can cause stress, depression, and in many cases, this has manifested itself in physical sickness. Normally, the most ideal solution is to approach and confront the issue in the most positive manner possible. However, there are simply times (and people) where that approach would not work at all.

This is where games like Kick the Boss comes in. Sure, there are plenty of games out there that let you blow stuff up or engage in road-rage. But most games also come with long load times, storyline objectives, and many other in-game mechanics that would prevent you from just going in, cause mayhem for 5 minutes, then put down the game and do whatever it is that the stress was preventing you from doing properly. The game is not isolated in its function and purpose, it actually gives players the choice of how they want to play: fulfilling objectives or just playing around (because sometimes, you might like to do more than just hit a virtual person with weapons). No matter which purpose you need, the game fills it up.

How it Works

On the surface, Kick the Boss is simple: keep clicking on the Boss to attack him, hold and drag to grab and toss him around. The type of attack done is determined by the currently equipped item. The more you hit the boss, the more “damage” he gets. All the while, the game assures you that this virtual character deserves any punishment you give –the boss will constantly hurl insults or taunts at you, and nothing is more satisfying than taking it out on a remorseless person (if he was begging for you to stop, it would just feel too bullying). The choice to make the game cartoony helps control the violence factor (which would be horrible if the game went for “realistic” visuals). In this regard, the game is cleverly made –allowing players to fulfill their need to vent out but without making one feel guilty.

The outstanding feature of this game is that despite the fact that it does so well at what it set out to achieve (be a stress reliever game), it goes far beyond that. Kick the Boss also features objectives that players can look out for. These are fun since they unlock new weapons, reward you with coins, and actually fulfilling the objectives will clue you in on how to trigger some cool environmental effects.

Your Weapons, Your World, Your Rules

Kick the Boss provides players with plenty of choices in terms of weapons and items to use, background locations, and yes, even “Boss” attires. He could be a boss, a teacher, or something else: anything that helps you visualize things easier. The game easily unlocks new costumes as you proceed with the objectives.

Speaking of objectives, the game provides you with several goals that you can accomplish while playing. You will have three goals at any given time, accomplishing all three will refresh the list with a new set of objectives. These side missions will award you with credits when accomplished and more importantly, they provide vital clues as to what things you can do in each of the stages (there are plenty of interactive elements, and you will want to experiment and see what will happen when you do certain things). This makes the different stages feel alive, and more importantly, it makes the game worth playing.

Beyond the Goal

The thing about Kick the Boss 2 that we love so much is the fact that we play it when we are stressed, and we play it when we just want to have fun. This is how we know that Kick the Boss has been a great success over the original “hurt-the-target” games; it has a solid enough gameplay to make it actually fun when you are not looking to vent out. What’s more, the pick up and play style of gameplay makes it easy to turn on the game, play around a little, then get back to whatever you were doing, guilt free. It does not eat up your time and it does not compel you to stay within the game just to get something done.

As good as the gameplay is, we also have to commend Kick the Boss for its impressive visual and audio quality. Nothing incredibly high end, but at least the app looks and feels solid to play. The background are nicely designed, the boss artwork is neat, and the user interface feels well composed. The audio is also something we enjoy, as it is packed with sound effects that make each of your attacks satisfying to do.

In terms of providing a challenge, Kick the Boss 2 is made for players who want to relax, and thus, none of the objectives are difficult or frustrating to accomplish. While a few will require a bit of experimentation as well as some trial and error, it is all done in good fun so you will hardly notice the effort you would have to put in. The same goes for collecting most of the items. Even crafting new weaponry is not so bad –do not mind it at first and play the game collecting all the regular weapons. Once you have bought and upgraded most of the weapons, it is likely that you would have a lot of crafting materials ready to use.

The Verdict

Comparing Kick the Boss 2 to other games provides a very skewed perspective about what this game is about. Still, even when that is done, we feel that the game has managed to provide players with a substantially satisfying collection and growth factor in terms of gameplay. But looking purely at KtB’s main function as a stress-release game, it accomplishes that goal quite handily.