Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers Online

If it's tower defense you're after, then the internet is awash with titles of supreme quality that will be to many people's tastes. You've got well-known titles like Bloons Tower Defense, Symphonic Tower Defense, and the much-loved Pokemon Tower Defense making waves with many, and some more specific genres like SAS Zombie Assault TD also bringing a darker side to the genre. If you want a game that represents everything that a Tower Defense game should be however, and one that has set the standard to which all other games of the genre will aspire to, then look no further than Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Though it's been quite a while since the game's release, the simply stunning design of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers looks as incredible as it did when it was released, with unique and colourful artwork, memorable characters with multiple abilities, and a range of towers that is generous yet not excessive. Frontiers is all about the flawless style with humorous touches around every corner and gameplay that stays loyal to the successful original, only with improvements where it counts. If you've never played a Tower Defense game before, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the only place to start.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, much to the surprise of many, is a fairly traditional tower defense game in its gameplay format. The idea is as anyone would expect of a game of this genre: to defend various gates from waves of enemies by building towers at designated points on the perimeter of a predetermined path. Money is eared by killing the individual enemies, with this money allowing you to purchase more towers and upgrades which are essential to your success as the levels become more difficult. On offer is a massive variety of enemies, a number of "hero" characters for your to deploy (these are essentially roaming towers with different abilities), and of course the towers themselves as well as upgrades to them. It all sounds pretty standard, but as always with Ironhide's Kingdom Rush series, the beauty is in the details.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers sticks with the base tower types of the original, of which there are four: barracks towers (used for blocking a pathway), artillery towers (used to damage heavily-armoured enemies), mage towers (used to penetrate certain kinds of armour that is resistant to concussive blasts), and archer towers (these fire projectiles of varying strength that are good for taking down a wide variety of foes).

Though four may sound like a limited number of tower type, you will find that the upgrades offer some extremely distinctive variety and an opportunity to determine the final form your tower will take. You can upgrade each tower a number of times until its final upgrade form where you get to choose between two types. The mage tower for example can become either an archmage or necromancer tower . The former is a powerful tower that shoots bolts of magic at enemies after charging and the necromancer tower allows you to raise enemies from the dead to use in your own army. Each of the four types has two of these special final forms, making eight final towers to choose from.

Further to the towers you are also able to deploy heroes with various powers as well. You must purchase some of the heroes such as the premium heroes such as Ashbite the Dragon and Kahz the Warlord, while some are free like Alric the Champion. Each of the heroes have their own particular powers. Take Alric for example, who has a passive swordsmanship skill that damages enemies and a spiked armour skill that hurts them if they attack. Alric can also summon sand warriors and perform a flurry attack. You'll find that the heroes help greatly against the enemies, supplementing the power of your towers and dealing great damage to enemies such as orcs, troll champions, skeletons, worg riders, and many more. The range of enemies is superior to many other games and leaves titles like Defend Your Honour in envy.

Combining with the gameplay and the reams of unlockable content in the game is Kingdom Rush Frontiers' sublime design. Ironhide have taken great care in the look and feel of Kingdom Rush as a series, and its wonderfully detailed cartoon design, colourful artwork, and amusing sound effects come together to make for a truly unforgettable experience.