My Dear Boss Game

Boot your boss in My Dear Boss

If you're getting tired of the 'Smack your (insert grievance here)' game format, then 'My Dear Boss' may be the refreshing sip of fun and tonic to slap you around your bored-looking face with a touch of light, goal-oriented gameplay. It's not going to change your world, or even thee world of light-hearted flash-based internet games geared towards the younger angry gentleman, but the game serves its purpose.

I do enjoy it when something actually turns out to be what it claims to be on the label. It makes everything more straight forward, takes thinking out of the equation (if there was any required in the first place) and allows you to get on with kicking your smarmy boss through a nearby window whilst recording the distance of your efforts and the relative height of your boss from the cold, hard floor. Literally, all you have to remember to do is keep breathing (that's an important one) and click at the appropriate time. You're provided with a sort of 'kickometer' that is typical for these sorts of games, getting the most power from your click when the needle falls into the right zone. Don't worry, it's pretty self-explanatory and won't have you searching the internet for a walkthrough.

After your first go, the game cuts to an Iphone-style app display and instantly becomes needlessly complicated.. You're given the option to upgrade your kicks in various wacky and oh so fun ways, doing so by earning more cash for each kick you make. At this point I became extremely sceptical about carrying on with playing the game. Not just because I'm not one of those people that are infatuated with Apple and it's user interface, but also for the simple reason that if I wanted to play an immersive game with reward-based gameplay to have the honour of taking up a lot of my time, I wouldn't be looking for a 'simple' flash game to do so.

I play flash games because they are easy, light-hearted and don't require any investment on my part that stretches beyond 5 minutes of my time. I only have a tiny slice of patience at the best of times, and when I'm presented with 20 upgrades to my kicking technique, this patience went sailing across the room and out of the nearest window, and I enjoyed that thought more than playing the actual game which is based on a similar premise. What appeared to be a simple game gets bogged down in this idea of playing repeatedly in order to earn enough money to keep kicking buy more upgrades. This sounds a lot like being in ACTUAL employment, and if I'm putting this much time into playing the game, I might as well go and earn real money that can be used for more buying shiny and delicious things, and not just for bit of baby oil to make my fake boss travel 10 meters further down the fictional street

Now, this may seem like a damning critique of the game; I’d be lying directly to your face with these very words if I said I enjoyed even one microscopic piece of this game. Hell, I feel a little deceitful even leading you to believe I derived any portion of enjoyment larger than the width a particle of matter at the atomic level. However, just because I don’t enjoy the format, doesn’t mean many players won’t work their way through the game with much enjoyment and joy to show for it. It didn’t float my light sailing boat but I can understand why some people would want to play it through. It gives you the illusion of progress and rewards you for your time. There is a significant quantity of games out there that are worse than Boot Your Boss, but conversely, the number of games available that are superior in every way is just too plentiful to ignore. Waste time at your displeasure, or play at your leisure if you like this kind of thing.