New Star Soccer Online

New Star Soccer is very simple to play but extremely addictive. It's a soccer game with extra elements. You are the star player of a lower league football club, which means making the right cross/ block/ shot on the pitch but also managing your lifestyle off the pitch too, resulting in a lot of fun game time before finally becoming the next Lionel Messi.

This game has a classic quality so common in a certain style of computer game, in that you find yourself passing many an hour away but your obsession and urging need to get 'Guisel Football Club' promoted makes the missing time irrelevant. You will literally spend the rest of your day doing anything you can to ensure you keep bombing up the league, whilst earning the big money and buying that flashy footballers sports car of course.

I started my gaming experience in the Arcade Mode and instantly knew that this game would become addictive. Here there are a variety of player skills you are required to pick up, the skills you are already so used to having to master amongst football games; shoot, pass, block etc.

New Star Soccer's general concept is very similar to a lot of soccer games, you have an arrow which will direct your shot and then you touch the ball at a particular part to separate a chip from a curler; the feeling of familiarity gives the game a nice comfort quality.

The simplicity allowed me to move from Arcade Mode to Career Mode within a couple of minutes. This is certainly a positive to the game; there is nothing more annoying than an overly complicated game that you have to commit half a day to before even being able to start the first level.

This isn't your straight forward play a soccer match style game as you are also required to control your social life. Including choosing the correct way to manage the money you earn whether that is by buying a brand new pair of football boots or gambling it on the horses, ensuring that you remain interested about off field matters too. It also tests your decision making as there are a variety of consequences to the actions you choose away from the pitch; making the game far less mundane than other soccer games.

Another interesting element about the game is that you are required to develop relationships with your boss, teammates, the fans and your girlfriend, who you manage to charm midway through the game should you be successful. You determine the strength of your bond with all of the above both on and off the pitch.

A tip for new players is that your boss and teammates are potentially the best call of focus early on because you require the manager's approval to be selected and you want your teammates to respect you in order for them to pass you the ball on match day; in shorter terms it maximises your game time straight away.

Developing bonds is very simple though can have side effects, should you chose to develop bonds with people off the pitch i.e. going on a golf trip with your teammates can affect your energy levels and result in you being dropped from the first team and there is nothing more annoying than being benched on your PC; what's a soccer game without soccer, right?

Gaining bonding points off the pitch is very straight forward, you select your chosen preference and it is a simple 'match the cards' game. Win the game, develop your relationship; simple. Naturally to gain points on the pitch you are required to perform; goals, assists, vital blocks etc. Play well and you will have the fans eating out of the palm of your hands.

One minor flaw would be that on the pitch the game could become more challenging at a faster pace; it's fairly easy to score a goal for a good period of the game, should you have mastered the power and accuracy of a shot. However New Star Soccer does place you, the player in a variety of different positions and requires you to think more, often in positions that gives you more than one option; should you pass or should you shoot? This is something many other games of a similar style don't always seem to offer.

To conclude, New Star's soccer game is designed in a way that makes you not want to quit before completing your goals, should that be to win promotion or save enough money to buy a new apartment. The game also has a unique quality in that it's not too different from a lot of soccer games meaning a great feeling of familiarity but also unique enough to keep you curious. This game is a solid 7/10 for me. Come on the mighty Guisel!