Papas Taco Mia Online

Create Delicious Taco's for Customers

Play as papa once again in this fun and creative food time management game. Serve hundreds of customers and manage a busy fast food joint where your cooking skills will surely be put to the test.

Papa's Taco Mia is a great time management game based in a restaurant setting that all lovers of cooking titles will enjoy. You will find yourself taking customer orders, cooking the meat, filling the tacos as well as choosing from the selection of delicious toppings to please the palet of your discerning diners.The better the tacos you produce the more tips you will earn so that you can equip your restaurant with state of the art goods to enable you become the worlds best taco maker.

The game starts when customers enter the restaurant to place an order. Just click on the customer, take his order then proceed to the grill and get cooking!The floor where you take the orders is divided into three areas namely where the orders are placed, the grill where the cooking is done and the counter to pay.You have to spread your time equally in all areas while keeping your eye on whats happening, plus watch for customers who can become impatient if kept waiting too long. Customers tickets are kept at the top of your screen while dragging them down will magnify them so you can see detail of what your customer wants in his taco.

The same drag and drop process is used to select the meat and cook it. Its like cooking in a real retaurant as you have to flip or cut the meat while being timed by a clock that encircles your pan. If you don't cook the meat correctly your score will be effected consequently your tips won't be good so take care!Once it is cooked you can move on to toppings which is a lot of fun as you build them up just as the customer ordered. Make a neat taco get a high score, this is what the game is about.

Alerts or timers can be bought with your tips. These will let you know when new customers have entered the restaurant or when the meat is ready on the grill so freeing up your time to spend in other areas. All you have to do is please your customers so they tip well.

I enjoyed this game immensely. The graphics are really good being colourful and quirky while the soundtrack is fun and amusing. Lovers of time management along with lovers of food will certainly have hours of addictive fun playing Flipline's Papas Taco Mia.