Sands of the Coliseum

Sands of the Coliseum – Epic, turn-based battles to the death where violence is key

Try your hand at being a gladiator in what is frankly one of the most epic gladiatorial turn-based battle games I have ever played. Battle, upgrade, loot for weapons, and assemble your own team of fighters to battle your way to fame or infamy in Roman circles.

A Pastime of Questionable Legality

How do you occupy your free time? Perhaps a few sporting exploits on free evening weekends such as five-a-side football or a little bit of squash? Maybe you enjoy keeping up to date with US TV shows by download.. I mean streaming them in a strictly legal fashion on Netflix when and if they are released. You may perchance indulge in the playing of online flash games to make the seconds tick away much faster than they would if you were watching dry paint continue to be dry, since we all know that time is relative. Unless you’re the disturbed .01% of the population that indulges in that kind of thing or are from times that use the epoch ‘B.C’  , your pastime is extremely unlikely to involve engaging in gladiatorial battles in front of an audience ravenous for blood, violence, and more blood. This could very well change with the discovery of Sands of the Coliseum, a turn-based, coliseum-centric battle game from Berzerk Land in which violence is the only answer to a question that no one really asked, but which was answered anyway, much to the relief of the bloodlust-bound audience that felt a little weird essentially asking for publicly-staged murder for their own entertainment.

Battles of Definite Brutality

A career in being a gladiator is more difficult to pursue than you’d imagine, which is why you must fight your way from the bottom up, taking on single and multiple opponents in a turn-based style, using a variety of weapons and techniques to defeat them and move on to the next challenger.  The aim is simply to conquer the whole of the Roman Empire beginning with Londinium and gaining the support of the crowd and the fame that comes along with being a fearless warrior. Skills and attribute upgrades are available along the way, as well as the ability to pick up different weapons, have some brand new ones forged, and even purchase slaves with which you can assemble a fearsome team of gladiators to help get you to the top.

Upgrades of Ample Utility

Sands of the Coliseum is as much as an RPG as it is a turn-based fighting game since you are able to gain experience points as you battle as well as the ability to upgrade your stats and weapons. You attributes are the usual speed, stamina, vitality, charisma and strength as well as a separate tree of upgrades that allow you to use different techniques like shield bashing, counter attacks and various passive abilities. You can gain new weapons by either looting them from deceased opponents or by visiting the blacksmith a la Beserk Ball 2 in order for him to forge you some shiny new weapons from metals that can occasionally be won but are mainly part of the premium content that most gamers won’t even look in the direction of. Don’t worry; purchasing premium content isn’t a necessity, it simply reduces the time it takes for you to make progress in the game.

Aesthetics of the Usual Respectability

The game has a definite ‘Berzerk Land’ appearance about it: not incredibly polished but also not without its charm, the graphics are as silly as they need to be, and the ability to customise your character serves to add more variety to the stylish, aged-effect map of Rome and insanely gory battles that are almost Tarantino-like in their bloodshed.

Entertainment of Unrivalled Indelibility

Berzerk Land has yet again produced an artery-severing, strategy-requiring, parental-guidance-desiring, awe-inspiring masterpiece that lets you shake up the Roman gladiator circuit one battle at a time. With a multiplayer and a whole host of trophies to acquire along the way in addition to the already-engrossing main game, unnecessary and unrestrained violence may become your new pastime after all, bringing you closer to being in the aforementioned .01% of the population.