Super Smash Flash Online

The flash game industry is full of mediocre titles and some that don't even put any effort at being fun at all, so when we see amazing developers likes the folks at McLeod Gaming, we cannot help but be astounded by the sheer amount of work and detail they put into their games. And by "their games", we are specifically just referring to Super Smash Flash. This ambitious Smash Bros. homage takes the idea of cross-title combat into something beyond what Nintendo can do: put in other franchises. Sure, the original games did manage to get a few cameos (Solid Snake and Sonic were predominantly, non-Nintendo characters), but a much larger roster of non-first party characters are still in demand.

The Sequel is Coming

If you have not heard about Super Smash Flash, then chances are, you are not aware that a more refined and polished sequel is already in the works and is getting plenty of fans already signing up for the announced multiplayer mode. However, the SSF 2 is still in its beta testing phase and the game is mostly incomplete (though you could play the game and try out almost all the characters and plenty of new features). With that said, we highly encourage players to play (and finish) the original SSF first.

Still a Little Rough

As with most first releases on flash, the original SSF was a massive work in progress. The developers had very little time to work properly on the game which meant that a great bulk of the content -from the actual gameplay down to the graphics, have been hastily prepared. This also means that most of the polishing has been skipped prior to releasing the game.

That said, SSF is still a fun and very playable fighting game that incorporated the combat system of Smash Bros. but relied solely on sprite based pixel graphics. To make things fun for the gaming community, the developer included plenty of new characters not related to Nintendo brand -which is something that gamers would appreciate about the game.

16-Bit References

The mix of various iconic video game and anime characters made for a good mix that turned SSF into a simple flash game into an instant cult hit. This is the game that allowed you to put Pikachu, Naruto, Simon Belmont, and Mega Man into a four way fight in front of the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. If you are a gaming fan, that sentence alone would be enough to make you instantly curious about this game. But if you truly enjoy your gaming references, then the fact that SSF also uses sprite based pixel art characters is sure to tickle your gaming fancy.

Old school characters such as Mega Man and Chrono already have pixel art that the developer could base on, but other characters also get the full 2D treatment. Sure, the game's stages are drawn a little rough, the animations are a bit jumpy, and the particle effects leave much to be desired, still, the actual characters themselves are pretty well made.

Simplified Gaming

This game feels a lot like the original Smash Bros on the N64 -simple (but plenty of) game modes, a minimal movelist, and very basic attacks. While this may leave fans of the newer SSBM a little wanting, the SSF is still enjoyable to a fault. Our only issue is that the game feels a little imbalanced with regards to characters with projectile attacks being able to dominate the game quite heavily by spamming a single move.

Prepping for the Sequel

Of course, all this fun to be had will be eventually surpassed by the upcoming Super Smash Flash 2. The current demo of the game already features a full roster that easily rivals that of the original, and plenty of work done on the animations making the game a lot more well-made and polished. The opening intro alone shows that plenty of time and love has been put into the game.

While we highly recommend playing Super Smash Flash before checking out the sequel, we also encourage player not to try out the demo before playing SSF. Comparing the two is quite inevitable, and actually feeling how much of a difference there is between the original and its' sequel will make it hard for players to appreciate the first game.

SSF is fun to play -particularly it's long and challenging adventure mode (though most players are likely to prefer the 4 way matches). With plenty of unlockables, and easy to use control system, and plenty of characters to master, Super Smash Flash is going to keep players busy for several days on end -or at least until the sequel comes out.