Uphill Racing 5 Online

Uphill Rush 5 – Alternative, extreme-racing action with all manner of track and vehicle

Are standard racing titles just not cutting it for you any longer? Is the thought of repeatedly racing laps with a boring old Formula 1 car just a little too mundane for your liking? These were my exact thoughts before I knew anything about the Uphill Rush series, but after discovering its latest masterpiece, Uphill Rush 5, boredom and racing never have to be synonymous again. Race across a variety of different tracks whilst performing stunts and collect money to buy increasingly more speedy and ridiculous vehicles in this stunt-racing experience like no other.

Race and Refine

In my opinion, roller coasters and extreme water slides really aren’t as entertaining as people would lead you to believe they are. Fine, I’ll admit that I have somewhat of a fear and a resulting aversion to roller coasters, but waterslides aren’t all that bad, they just aren’t that great either. Their mediocrity is such that I haven’t really had the desire to hop on one for many, many years, though this lack of desire ended right about the time my flash gaming adventures led me to my own personal discovery of the Uphill Rush series. With five titles to its name, the Uphill Rush series’ focus is on the racing of various vehicles over a selection of different terrains, collecting cash and performing stunts along the way. The original was very limited in vehicles and tracks to race on, but as the series progressed and more titles were released, improvements both visual functional in nature were made, and by Uphill Rush 4 the game was a well-designed, addictive title with a huge fan base. Uphill Rush 5 is the culmination of four previous titles’ worth of development effort and refinement, and though the results aren’t overwhelmingly positive, we have a high-quality stunt-racing title on our hands.

Rise and Fall

As a fan of the series, you shouldn’t really be expecting any drastic changes to the formula, which has always and still does entail taking control of different modes of transport (skateboards, inflatable rings, a dolphin) and testing your stunt-performing skills out on some tracks that are almost exclusively uphill in nature. We’re talking a water slides that rise and fall like it is nobody’s business, though it is our business, and said business is highly addictive and extremely challenging; this is just the first level as well, with many different tracks of different shapes, loop-the-loops and a variety of other obstacles to overcome along the way. Simply use the directional arrows to control your movement, the X button to activate nitro, and the space bar to perform one of a variety of tricks to earn you multiplier points.

Like a Fine Wine

Much like the flavour of a bottle of wine from a very good year that I can’t be specific about because I know nothing about fine wines, or even regular wines for that matter, Uphill Rush 5 has matured gradually over the years. Most noticeably, the selection of vehicles is now so expansive and the vehicles themselves so eccentric that it basically borders on insane on all fronts. Depending on the race and the amount of money you have to hand, you can use anything from a standard rubber dinghy to a surfboard, motorised vehicles, and even creatures like dolphins and whales if you fancy, and all dressed in attire that you can also choose from the wide selection available. With so many vehicles to try out and six cups to enter into , each with multiple races and optional easy/medium/hard difficulty, variety isn’t something you’ll be in want for when playing this game.

The improvements in graphics have slowed down the game a little, and the physics still feel a little too unresponsive to movement and generally not as good as they really should be by now, but those are just details, right? Uphill Rush 5 from Spil Games is one of the best stunt-based racing games out there, and you’ll be doing yourself a favour by getting involved.