Hose Down Fires and Become a Hero in More Trucks HD

More Trucks HD

Stimulate your child's imagination and encourage educational role play in More Trucks HD. An award-winning app from Duck Duck Moose, this creative play app features four engaging scenes that simplify the processes involved in using utility vehicles. Kids learn all about fire trucks, monster trucks, construction site vehicles and flatbed tow trucks. By exploring the app's different activities, children may improve their eye-hand coordination, problem solving abilities or even learn a thing or two about sorting and sequencing.

In line with the mechanics used by its predecessor, pushing forward in the scenes involves assessing what needs to be done and accomplishing tasks in the correct sequence. For instance in the Crane and Construction Site activity, players need to stack building blocks on top of each other, following the dotted lines provided by the game. This emulates the construction of a house. Once they have formed the correct shape, they then use a wrecking ball to topple the structure and then cleaning up the scattered pieces using a bulldozer. The scene sequence is kept realistic, yet technical details are simplified for the benefit of the app's intended audience.

The controls are kept basic as well, utilizing tap and hold motions that children can easily get used to. In the Monster Truck scene, the control buttons are located at the bottom of the display. There is an arrow dedicated to the brakes, one for acceleration and another arrow to make the truck jump. The last one in particular serves as a means to overcome bumps and obstacles in the tracks. To mix things up, there are ten different truck designs to unlock and use in the scene. These vehicles vary not only in design but in the sound of their horn as well. More Trucks HD gets some brownie points due to the design range of their trucks, giving kids a chance to use conventional designs as well as strange ones such as a moose truck.

More Trucks HD

Kids are the heroes in this app's Fire Truck activity. This scene tasks players to guide the canine firefighter to slide down the pole and then rush out the station to save the day. Just like in the Monster Truck activity, there are arrows to move the truck from building to building, hosing down fires in order to save the city of San Francisco. In order for the water to reach the affected area, the little ones will have to adjust the angle of the hose nozzle manually. Players may also make use of a siren, which is a great way to familiarize kids with its sound.

The fourth scene, Flatbed Tow Truck and Junkyard, involves transporting cars to be flattened in the junkyard. Children will need to drag cars aboard a transport platform. Once the truck flatbed is full, a police vehicle escorts it to the junkyard. A magnet is used to pile up all the cars within a fenced area and then a large monster footsteps on the cars to flatten them. As it is quite entertaining to watch, using the monster foot is probably something that kids will love just as much as figuring out the scene sequence itself.

There's no denying that More Trucks HD is a worthy successor to Trucks HD. The bright visuals and signature, kid-friendly music has been retained yet the mechanics have been improved. This time around, they have more variety, catering to the upper end of the app's target audience. Easter egg animations are still abundant, offering kids a chance to interact with various objects in the game environment. We do appreciate the app's unlockable content as well. It effectively motivates young monster truck enthusiasts and entertains others with the unique horn sounds.

More Trucks HD by Duck Duck Moose is compatible with the iPad and is made for children ages 5 and under.