Rules and information to make your stay at
Ben’s Playworld enjoyable and safe.
Children must be supervised at all times!!

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. At no time should children be left unsupervised.

2 Children and adults must remove their shoes before using any of the soft play equipment, but socks must be left on. However,shoes must be worn within Shipwreck Island.

3 Shoes can be deposited in the locker room. A key can be collected at the entrance lobby. A deposit is required for the key which will be refunded to you when you return your key.

4 All equipment regularly checked and is best suited for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years. Adults and children over 12 are strictly prohibited from using the soft play equipment. Please observe the signs.

5 A soft play area is provided for the under 5s together with a play pen for babies.

6 Sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, watches etc. must not be worn on the play equipment. Remove ties and belts if possible.

7 It is advisable for children to wear long sleeved tops that can be tucked in on all sides.

8 Children with glasses or contact lenses are at risk in certain play areas, so extra care should be taken.

9 Children must not be allowed to eat sweets or chew gum whilst using the facilities.

10 First aid facilities are located at the reception desk and at the cafeteria. Most of our staff are first aid qualified.

11 Customers’ own food is not allowed to be consumed on the premises.

12 We have a strict No Smoking policy in the entire playworld.

13 In the interest of safety, disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will be brought to the attention of the supervising adult.

14 Please be extra vigilant by the ball ponds as they can be dangerous for very young children.

15 All children are requested to wear socks in the interest of hygiene.

16 Please advise your children to use the slides correctly:

a) Always use the appropriate mat or sack.
b) Always go down the slide feet first. Position yourself in the centre of the slide.
c) Always go down the slide one at a time
d) Move away quickly from the bottom of the slide.
e) Children must not climb back up the slide.

17 Children who are unwell should not be allowed to use the facilities.

18 Children’s toilet facilities are provided within Ben’s Playworld. We would advise parents to encourage young children to use these prior to using the play equipment.

19 Baby changing and disabled toilet facilities are also provided.

20 Most of all have a very enjoyable day. You may stay as long as you wish but please ensure your hand is stamped for re-entry. Should you require any assistance for any problem you may have,please feel free to consult one of our members of staff.